Master Blanket Purchase Order P510975

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Purchase Order Number: P510975 Release Number: 0 Short Description: HMO - Kaiser
Status: 3PS - Sent Purchaser: Will Glasmyer Receipt Method: Dollars
Fiscal Year: 2010 PO Type: Blanket Minor Status:
Organization: Baltimore City
Department: BOP - BUREAU OF PROCUREMENT Location: BOPCD - BOP Commodities Division Type Code:
Alternate ID: Entered Date: 11/09/2009 11:11:15 AM Control Code:
Days ARO: 0 Retainage %: 0.0% Discount %: 0.0%
Print Dest Detail: If Different
Catalog ID: Release Type: Standard Release Pcard Enabled: No
Contact Instructions: Contact Katrina Tindal at (410) 396-3851 Tax Rate: Actual Cost: 0.0
PO Header Work Order Number:
Agency Attachments: BOE Ext HMO POS Medical Plans 8-13-14.pdf
B50000452 Kaiser Foundation.pdf
BOE Ext HMO POS Medical Plans 10-7-15.pdf
B50000452 Kaiser BOE OCT 7 2015.pdf
BOE Ext HMO POS Medical Plans 8-31-16.pdf
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Primary Vendor Information & PO Terms
Vendor: 00000456 - Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc.
Beverly Riley
2101 E. Jefferson Street
Rockville, MO 20852
Phone: (301)826-2424
FAX: (301)816-7187
Payment Terms: Net 30 Shipping Method: United Parcel Service
Shipping Terms: F.O.B., Destination Freight Terms: Freight Prepaid
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Master Blanket/Contract Vendor Distributor List
Vendor ID Vendor Name Preferred Delivery Method Vendor Distributor Status
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Mid-Atlantic States, Inc. Email Active
Master Blanket/Contract Controls
Master Blanket/Contract Begin Date: 01/01/2009 Master Blanket/Contract End Date: 12/31/2017
Cooperative Purchasing Allowed: No
Organization Department Dollar Limit Dollars Spent to Date Minimum Order Amount
BALT - Baltimore City BOP - BUREAU OF PROCUREMENT 0.01 0.0 0.0
Item Information   
Print Sequence # 1.0, Item # 1:   HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) health benefits for the Baltimore City Human Resources Department as per the specifications, terms and conditions in Contract B50000452 as awarded by the Board of Estimates, on April 6, 2008 for and extended by the Board on August 31, 2016 for the period thru 12/31/17. 3PS - Sent
NIGP Code: 953-48
   Health/Hospitalization (Including Dental and Visual Insurance)
Receipt Method Qty Unit Cost UOM Discount % Total Discount Amt. Tax Rate Tax Amount Total Cost
Dollars 1.0 0.0 LOT - Lot 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
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